Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Picnic Grove, Tagaytay

I’m very happy to share with you my experiences last Sunday afternoon when my family and I did a little exploration of a famous place in the southern part of Luzon called Tagaytay which is one of the tourist spots in the Philippines .

Around 15 to 20 minutes away from Sta. Rosa, Laguna is Picnic Grove, Tagaytay. It’s a place where you can do site seeing, horseback riding, kiting, shopping and the likes. That day, however, our interest was on experiencing the Cable Car Ride and the Zipline Ride, which we think are the newest attractions in Picnic Grove.

Funny as it may seem, near the gate, we were welcomed by the foul smell of the horses for hire. We were all laughing as each of us tried to hold our breath upon passing by. The kids didn’t mind the smell though. They kept on pointing at the horses and saying “Wow! Gusto ko ding sumakay sa kabayo!” Haha!

Wanting to breathe fresh air, the adults opted to bring the kids to a slope covered with grass where they can fly kites. Each of them bought a ready made kite from one of the many vendors inside. The kids got very excited again because the cold Tagaytay breeze was blowing so hard that it was an ideal time to make kites fly. The kites actually flew by themselves that the kids didn’t have to worry about not knowing how to fly them.

Unfortunately, after around 5 minutes of enjoying the peaceful scenery and the extra cold wind, dark clouds came in and poured rain. Everyone had to rush back to their cottages. As for our family, we opted to take refuge in a small restaurant in front of our cottage. We took the opportunity to order our favorite brewed coffee and pancit bihon for merienda. After about an hour of eating our hearts out, we finally decided to come out of the restaurant and pursue our goals of riding both the Cable Car and the Zipline.

Everybody was thrilled by the thought of trying out the very affordable cable car and zipline ride. However, when we were about to take our turn, heavy rains suddenly poured again that we had to postpone our intention to engage in the 24 seconds adventure. We ended up running back to one of the nearest souvenir shops where we bought a lot of beautiful native bags and shirts for the whole family.

Before heading home, we promised ourselves to go back to the Picnic Grove this week to finish our aborted mission last Sunday afternoon. I’m looking forward to enjoying Tagaytay’s cold breeze again this weekend. I’m sure my family won’t forget to bring their jackets and umbrellas anymore. Wink!