Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Under The Sun

Under the sun… that is where it all happened. I can still clearly recall those times; I was 6 years old then. As a child, whenever me and my family would go out on an escapade, I’m the most excited of all! Luckily, I’ve been granted to be a part of a small family; it’s just my mom, my dad, and my sister who back then thought she’s already a woman though she’s just a teen yet! And of course, there was me, the youngest in the family. I can’t help but to jump up and down the bed when I found out that we’re going to La Union for a two-day summer vacation.

A night before we left, I stayed up wide-awake as an owl because I was so thrilled about the beach. Usually we go out to malls to shop, eat, or watch movies. Now that it was something so different, I was really, really looking forward for the sun to rise up so that it will be morning and we’ll be ready to leave. Morning came, boy, I was really sleepy! Though I really wanted to keep my eyes open as wide as a window, my eyelids felt so heavy, can’t help but to shut my eyes tight. I was in Dream Land when we’re currently on our way to La Union.

My sister woke me up when we arrived at the Beach Resort. I felt the feeling of drowsiness washed over me as I saw a paradise, right in front of me. On how I view things then, I’m not into politics or some government agencies promoting tourism, but one thing crossed my mind; this is a sure paradise, definitely one of the tourist spots in the Philippines

As we made our way to the entrance, warm smiles from the Beach Resort staff welcomed us, as they provided us a hassle-free check in. The reception is spectacular; it is spacious and airy, attractively furnished in the unique style of the resort.

You can also find a spacious area, serves as the Function room that will surely suit any occasion for any season and is situated in lush tropical gardens with a patio area giving it an exotic feel.

A coral reef extends about 100 yards from the shore, an ideal place for both young and old to explore the wonders of nature, particularly at low tide. Boat trips can be arranged for visiting nearby beaches or fishing. For those who prefer it, an infinity pool provides cool relaxation with its Jacuzzi and waterfall. This paradise reminded me of Puerto Azul that I once saw on a movie clip. Weird, but this place and Puerto Azul looks somehow similar. Maybe because of the sight of the crystal clear sea, that is very ideal for snorkelling. When our feet were already touching the white sandy beach, the moment was remarkable!

I was playing with the waves, when I saw a boy running towards me. I didn’t know him; I’m scared that’s why I run too, away from him. It took me a long time to realize that he’s really not running after me. What a funny experience!

Adjacent to the beach, you can find the Restaurant and Bar that is wonderfully relaxing. You can enjoy both the cool and sea breeze and spectacular sunsets here. They provide fine dining with optional seating in private kubos in the gardens or on the beach. The menu offers a wide variety of both local and International cuisine – this is the most integral part of their service, and they are very mindful of the need for quality at reasonable prices. While having our evening meal, I saw the boy again. I felt myself blushed, feeling the embarrassment of running from someone who’s really not after you. Under the sun, that clement afternoon, I met my first crush.

For the night, we stayed on the Family Suite. It has a spacious well-furnished Sala, Master Bedroom, 2 further bedrooms, super-size bathroom with hot shower and additional storage. Me and my sister stayed in one room, because I don’t like sleeping alone. Though I had my sister to stay with me that night, I wasn’t able to get a good night sleep. The memory of what happened on the sandy coast kept on lingering on my mind.

I keep looking around the beach bay to see if I could find the boy. I heard my parents called me, the time of our departure arrived, and I don’t want to leave. This place is definitely a glimpse of heaven for me. I slept the whole time when we’re on our way home. I’m blue that I wasn’t able to see him again, and glad because whenever I get to feel the warmth of the sun touching my skin, that incident that happened under the sun then, plays a good memory to be cherished.

Enjoy Philippines

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